TECNIPLAST is a leading manufacturer of cellular PVC products.

TECNIPLAST extrudes from first grade virgin PVC powder. An innovator in the field of cellular PVC, TECNIPLAST designs and manufactures products that allow you to address the maintenance and performance concerns associated with traditional building materials.

By controlling all aspects of production, from R & D and raw material specifications to delivery of the finished product, the emphasis is on quality control to ensure an outstanding customer service.

CELLULAR PVC offers several advantages:

 Durability : PVC, in addition to being effective against termites and other insects, requires very little maintenance and no protective paint.
  Resistance : Amazing resistance against the cold, wind, snow, rain, sun, shock, UV rays and pollution.
  Energy : Energy efficient designs through microbubbles design.
  Pliability : Products easily bendable.


Rigid PVC

Tecniplast's rigid PVC is made out of virgin PVC powder as opposed to second-generation granular PVC. All additives to counter impact as well as yellowing are in a virgin state when extruded for the first time. It is then transformed into a structural shape, on demand or used in our own window systems. The finished product is therefore of superior quality, combined with a CAD-developed design, providing the best in terms of windows.

The ultra glossy finish of our products prevents dirt from accumulating; the maintenance of the product is almost non-existent and its beauty will remain unchanged over the years.