By its very nature, the extrusion process calls for greater accuracy.

This constant attention to detail reflects one of the biggest advantages of our PVC products: they are as reliable and accurate as the people who make them.


Extruding machine operator

  • Responsible for production line
  • Must mount tooling and start production of the various profiles
  • Make adjustments during production
  • Control the quality of its production

Requirements: Operator with experience in extrusion of PVC profiles


  • Feeds the production line of raw materials
  • Packages the finished products in boxes or rack
  • Keeps track of product quality


  • Prepares orders, takes inventory, loads and unloads trucks

Requirements: Forklift driver training


  • Manufactures, designs and repairs tools

Requirements: Professional diploma in machining techniques

Electrical mechanic

  • Maintenance and repairs production equipment

Requirements: Professional diploma in electromechanical studies

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Format .doc, .docx or .pdf only.